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Founder / Associate DB Sediments GmbH

Dr. Dietrich Bartelt (born 1964) founded DB Sediments GmbH together with a friend and former colleague in Duisburg, Germany, in March 2009. He is currently working for DB Sediments as a co-worker and for his subsidiary Ferrostaal DB Sediments as Chief Executive Officer. He studied Construction Engineering and Business Administration at University of Technology Aachen (RWTH Aachen) in Germany. He specialized in hydraulics, water management, soil mechanics and environmental management.

Dr. Bartelt worked for RWE for 21 years and held various technical and managerial positions, including project management in major international projects in the field of renewable energy sources. As a senior manager, he was RWE's global coordinator workplace safety for more than 1,000 companies and over 130,000 employees, and he was responsible for coordinating environmental issues for several hundred companies within the RWE Group. While working on human resources strategy topics within the RWE human resources manager department, Dr. Bartelt obtained a doctoral degree at the University of Duisburg-Essen in the field of economic psychology. In 2006, he was a founding member of the German demographic network. In 2012, he published his doctoral thesis entitled "Employee Confidence? In their management.

In the field of renewable energy production, he is actively involved in the creation of transnational projects, project management structures, site development, the authorization of procedures, the operation of joint implementation facilities and projects focusing on hydroelectric power plants, wind energy and solar energy. He has been elected as secretary for the European Utilities for Renewable Energies (EURE) for many years.

After leaving global business in March 2013, he concentrated his life on sustainable water storage and its importance within the Water-Energy-Food Nexus program. He paid particular attention to water in anthropocene, an epoch that begins when human activities begin to have a significant global impact on the Earth's ecosystems.

Maintaining the balance between people and (ecological) systems is his great challenge. No challenge is too great or too global. His personal objective is to achieve the sustainability of water use, such as its use for drinking, irrigation and flood protection and the production of hydroelectric power plants. With DB Sediments, he has developed a sensitive system approach to the midgate impact of water source use while providing solutions to sedimentation and the problems of silting in tanks.

Aleš Svoboda

1962 - 1966 - Secondary Industrial School of Mechanics in Ústí nad Labem with honors

08/1966 - 11/1972 - Red Star Pilsen, road cycling, in the representation throughout the period, voluntary termination of sports engagement due to disagreement with doping activities

11/1972 - 11/1973 - National Security Corps, passport service Hřensko

11/1973 - 08/1990 - Housing management Company in Ústí nad Labem - starting as an operating technician, ending as head of thermal equipment operations - departure due to relocation to Cheb

09/1990 - 05/1998 - Cheb Residential Company, later transferred to TEREA Cheb s.r.o., Technical Deputy Manager

11/1998 - 12/2010 - CHEVAK Cheb a.s. Investment Officer

2013 - EV Holding - Supervisory Board

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Licht holding is a private equity group operating mainly in venture capital in the European region and focused on international projects in modern technologies. The group has representation in Bratislava, Prague, London, Germany and Lichenstein. This placement gives it room for the maximum use of international know-how when assessing investment opportunities.

The Licht Holding team has gained the reputation of a dynamic and innovative investment entity that respects and adheres to investment principles and ethical principles in business. Within the framework of individual investment projects, the Licht Holding implements the so-called "hands-on" approach focused on achieving the desired return on investment, which allows it maximum flexibility and an individual approach to various investment opportunities.

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